Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hooshang Nayak's "Good or Bad Story"


nooshi nayak said...

Baba, you are an inspiration!
I think God that you are my Father. And I'm happy for you to have such great teachers at the college.
I still want to grow up to be just like you. ;-)

Saeed S. said...

I have taught ESL myself,for about 20 years! Mr Nayak's endeavor to learn a foreign language is commendable. I liked what I saw... This new technic of involving learners with digital effects (audio-visual)is both artistic and inspiring for all.
Good Job.

Anonymous said...

First I have to thank Nooshi for sending this to me and second I must congratulate Amir Khan (Hooshang)on his most recent accomplishment. It is simply beautiful. Hope I can have the same attitude towards life when I am in my 80s.
Cherish these moments.


Saeed Y. said...

Dear Mr. Nayak,
Keep up the good work!
I admire you for what you accomplished.
Background music was great also.
Saeed Y.