Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kiyoko Ando Wins MiraCosta College Noncredit ESL Brooke Brummit Scholarship

Congratulations to Kiyoko Ando, a graduate of the noncredit ESL program and former student in the ESL Digital Storytelling class, who has made the transition to credit ESL classes at MiraCosta College! She recently was awarded a $500 scholarship, (shown here with Dean of Community Education Lynda Lee) named for and founded former noncredit ESL instructor Brooke Brummit, whose death was untimely.

Kiyoko has demonstrated the maturity, perseverence, and drive to succeed in college and in whatever she does. She is definitely a talented person, whose artistic, esthetic sense is depicted in her class work. I had the privelege of having Kiyoko in VESL class, where I learned that an injury derailed her fledging career as a professional dancer. Her current goal, as shown in the digital story she created for a career research project for VESL class, is to apply her talents and artistic skills in the field of floral design.

However, if the floral design career doesn't work out, watch out Steven Speilberg. Check out Kiyoko's digital story about a Turning Point in her life.